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Should our happiness be dependent on getting what we want?

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi

You live in a house on rent and feel unhappy that you don’t have your own flat.
You feel unhappy that you don’t have the latest TV, or the big sedan. What makes you feel unhappy when you don’t have these things? Do you think you need that flat, that TV, that big car to be happy. Are these things your needs or wants? Is there a difference between a need and a want?

Needs are our really basic necessities of life. A little amount of food, adequate clothing, and a clean shelter are our only basic necessities. Food is a NEED, but having food at an expensive restaurant is a WANT. Having adequate clothing is our NEED, but buying a costly garment that we really like is our WANT.

We all have WANTs and it’s OK to have them, but our WANTs become a problem when we become unhappy when we don’t have what we want. We unconsciously become unhappy because of our endless wants, and consequently start running after them, believing that once we have them we will be HAPPY. We keep cribbing to our partners for that big house, big car, and spoil our relationships. In the process, we forget to appreciate what we do have.

There is no end to WANTs. Once you have that big car, a more stylish, a more expensive car will become attractive, and you will start feeling unhappy. The newer and better gadgets will keep catching your eye, and you will keep chasing them.

So, Is it wise to base our happiness on these ephemeral wants? We can remain peaceful, happy, contented, and grateful for what life has given to us. Carefully choose what we really want and would like to have in our life. We can go after what we want with a peaceful, patient, and happy state of mind. We will be that much more likely to achieve the desired result.

20 Nov 2013, 4:05pm
by usha bansal

Happiness is a wide subject, it depends on the capacity of a person to satisfy themselves.A poor person feel happy when a baby is born they say that children are the money earning member. They don’t bother for their health & Education.

A farmer feel happy when his crops are growing very well in his farm
A businessman feel happy when his business get flourished

Imean to say that happiness is related to money. Mostly people not satisfied when their basic need is fulfilled. THey want more & more which make them unhappy. There is no competition of good things, but mostly people compete for money with their relatives, colleagues,and neighbours. which have damage the society.


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