20 Jan 2012, 7:32pm

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Life is parallel

Over time, I have seen a lot of people focusing on just one thing like full time job search, or studies, etc, and feeling dissatisfied with life in general. They focus on one activity so exclusively that they don’t eat properly, dress properly, keep their rooms clean, spend time on hobbies, etc.

They seem to be making one activity the sole aim of life, in the process loosing hair, vitality, energy, etc. Even if they get that one thing after sometime, they are just a little happy about it. They don’t see that life is passing them by. They are in fear and rat race, following others footsteps, giving up their own ability to think.

Life is actually a parallel process, and you need to balance between these different areas. Unfortunately, our current societal structure seems to be against it.

Overloaded with study, students don’t have time to spend time on different other activities, that are important for managing the vitality.

How can we change the schooling and college structure?

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