12 Nov 2011, 10:05am

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Are you living your life by-default or by-design?

A lot of us feel dis-satisfied from life. We feel that our life is going on a treadmill, and we are just passing it by. We wake up every day, get ready go to work, have food, watch tv, and sleep. We do this day-in and day-out, and loose track of why we are doing what we doing. Gradually, we feel totally dis-engaged from life, and feel burdened by all the responsibilities and expectations that seem to be thrust upon us. We loose the sense of excitement and wonderment we once felt in our childhood. Why does such a situation occur, and is there an alternative to this treadmill of life?

We feel like this because we are not living our OWN life. Instead, we are living according to other’s expectations.  Since, our childhood we are told to behave in a particular way. We are asked to take up certain careers, we are told to marry at a certain age, and as soon as we get a job we forward to buy an apartment. This is what I call life-by-default, i.e. Living according to default way of living, without questioning whether we really want to be this way, whether we really want to take that career, or buy a particular house, or marry at a certain time.  No wonder we are always running around and feel empty inside.

An alternative to life-by-default is life-by-design. In this way of living, we first carefully think about what we want to accomplish in our life, in all its major areas. We think about what is important to us in our work, in our relationships, in our health, our leisure activities, contribution that we want to leave in this world. We clarify on these important areas and create a blueprint of how we want our lives to look like.

Once we have created a design of life that we truly feel aligned with, our next step is move towards the realization of this life. We break down our vision into smaller goals and work on accomplishing them one-by-one. Each step that we take brings us closer to our dream life. Instead of just watching life pass-by, we become an active participant in the creation of our life. We look forward to everyday as a chance to get closer to the life of your dreams. The joy that comes from progressive realization of our vision makes living on the whole very worthwhile.
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